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FAIRMED is there where the roads end. We provide the poorest people in Asia and Africa with access to basic medical care, because only healthy people can truly escape their poverty and go on to lead dignified lives. In the news ticker, we keep you informed about the activities carried out by us to achieve this goal.


Central African Republic: FAIRMED and government continue cooperation

Great success for our FAIRMED team in the Central African Republic (RCA): A few days ago, our country coordinator Jacques Minyem signed a new cooperation agreement with the Ministry of Health and Population.

Our country coordinator Jacques Minyem and Dr Pierre Somsse, Minister of Health and Population, after signing the cooperation agreement.

With this, FAIRMED will continue its commitment to the most neglected and stigmatised populations in the Central African Republic. Since 1950, FAIRMED has been working with the RCA Ministry of Health through various activities aimed at providing access to health for these populations and combating neglected tropical diseases.

This fruitful collaboration has contributed, among other things, to eliminating leprosy in 2008 and fighting stigma, as well as promoting social justice and reintegration for many patients.

Minister wants even more intensive cooperation

The official ceremony to sign the cooperation agreement was presided over by Dr Pierre Somsse, Minister of Health and Population. He thanked all donors in Switzerland who enable FAIRMED to make a sustainable and effective commitment to the health system and the population in the RCA. He also called for FAIRMED's work to be extended to other regions and countries in the future.

WHO team on project visit to FAIRMED

High-ranking visitor at FAIRMED-Cameroon: A team of the World Health Organization (WHO) visited different sites of the OCEAC project for the elimination of Frambösie to review the progress, successes and challenges of the project. In doing so, these findings will inform the preparation of the next phase of the project.

But what actually is the OCEAC project? FAIRMED has been known in Central Africa for decades for its expertise in fighting neglected tropical diseases. As a result, we have been contracted by OCEAC, the development organization of the Central African Economic and Monetary Community, to support several governments in implementing a multi-country project to eradicate Frambösie in Central Africa. The target group includes about 1.4 million people.

A WHO group on a project visit.

German foreign press reports about FAIRMED

Huge reach for FAIRMED! The Deutsche Auslandrundfunk reports on the FAIRMED campaign to eradicate yaws in the Central African Republic. Watch the video to learn more about the difficulties faced by those affected by this little-known tropical disease. Francois Momboli, one of the health workers trained by FAIRMED to detect and treat Frambösie, also explains in the video the challenges they face to eradicate this disease once and for all.

First NTD-ward opened in Nepal

The first ward for the treatment of neglected tropical diseases (NTDs) was recently opened at Lumbini Provincial Hospital. It is the first ward of its kind ever to be integrated into a public hospital in Nepal. FAIRMED Nepal lobbied the government for a long time and supported the hospital management by training staff and providing medical equipment for the opening. Treatment and care here - in contrast to private clinics - is completely free of charge for those affected by NTDs.

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